Ineffable Twaddle

3 September
Greetings! I'm Shinobi, nice to meet you, good to see you, etc.

If you've visited my journal, you've probably noticed that I don't update very often. This is because I didn't join this site to blog, and I'm afraid I don't make much of any effort, ha-ha! HOWEVER, please note that this does not mean I am in-active, I'm far from it. I am usually up-to-date with my Friends page and am regular in the communities I am part of.

If you've seen me around it's probably been in ontd_startrek or ontd_pinto, my home-away-from-home.

I joined this site mainly for fandom. My main one at the mo. is Star Trek, TOS and DS9 being my favourites, though I have dabbled a bit in ENT, TNG and VOY. While I'm afraid it's taken second stage to ST, I still very much like "Good Omens." I also am a 'pinto bean.' Ahem.

I am a slasher; and I have no shame.

I write a bit and I draw a bit. I usually write fanfiction, but have so far been unhappy with my efforts in Star Trek and Pinto fandom, so nothing's been posted yet. I have also written for Good Omens; some of those fics and my old (and somewhat awful) Naruto fics can be found on my ff.net page: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1709896/

I am also on Twitter! Feel free to follow, if you wish. http://twitter.com/#!/monsieurmelmoth

Aaand now, tumblr! http://flamingbentley.tumblr.com

(it took my ages to force myself to sit down and write this bio. hope it's coherent enough for you to get through, and my apologies in advance!)


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